Problem with Nokia Ultra HD LED Smart Android TV should be in India

23. 10. 2021 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

I have to say that unfortunately several users, buyers are also complaining about the recently purchased Nokia Ultra HD LED Smart Android TV with internet connectivity problems with the distributor so since we are talking about India towards Flipkart, which first blamed the problem on Nokia.

Of course, Nokia has been pointing to Flipkart as well as local service providers in India to pass the solution to the problem with extraordinary speed. Flipkart has already gone so far as to interrupt customer calls and provide only an automated response instead of resolving the issue. The solution to the problem is currently hopeless so users have it, but they still don’t have Smart TV. They bought a Smart TV that can be said... silly.

Unfortunately, it is not known at this time who will solve the connection problem and when, when users will be able to use their Nokia Ultra HD LED TV normally, when they will have an internet connection to use any IPTV or simply make an everyday purchase. I remotely recommend reinstalling the televisions, reinstalling the internet network, reinstalling the internet modem and router. Personally, I have succeeded in several cases.

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