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P layer Unknown's Battleground is a very famous game among players from all over the world that is currently only available in India for game lovers. Now the essence of the game is survival, players need various weapons and other features to save themselves in battle to the last. These features of survival are provided to players in the form of rewards or pay.

PUBG Mobile Lite Highlights

Article onGame Redeem Codes
Name of the gamePUBG Lite
DeveloperKrafton Inc.
Redeem Code forFree UC
Code StatusAvailable
Redeem code validity24 hour, 3 days, 60 days

PUBG Lite Free UC Redeem Codes Today 24th July

Krafton releases new codes for the players every day. Players can use these codes as per their validation of three days or more. Usually, these redeem codes are for use in one day only. So, these codes can be used for one day only.

RewardsRedeem Code
Desert Ranger SetBOBR3IBMT
Stealth Brigade SetZADROT5QLHP
Racer set (Gold)LEVKIN1QPCZ
Assassin suit and Assassin bottomSIWEST4YLXR
Lost Frequencies – RiseLOSTFREQPUBGM

Redeem Codes for 2021- PUBG Lite

Try This one: BNBEZBZECU

RewardsRedeem Code
M416 Skin for first 5000 players PGHZDBTFZ95U (Limited Time)
2 Red Tea Popularity BBKVZBZ6FW
3 Motorcycle Popularity TQIZBZ76F
Unlimited M416 Gun SkinsEKJONARKJO
M16A4 Gun SkinsS78FTU2XJ
Free Skin (KAR98 Sniper Gun Skin)KARZBZYTR
UMP-45 Orange Gun SkinPGHZDBTFZM24U
1 Cannon Popularity  BBKRZBZBF9
Free CompanionR89FPLM9S
AKM Glacier SkinSD14G84FCC 
Free Fireworks UKUZBZGWF
1000 Silver FragmentsDKJU9GTDSM
600 UC UCBYVJ700
Free Silver Fragments DKJU5LMBPY
Football & Chicken PopularityBBVNZBZ4M9
Operation Leo Set Legendary OutfitBBKTZEZET3
Cool Cat Outfit SD16Z66XHH 
Get Free Emotes & Falcon 5FG10D33
 Premium Outfit PGHZDBTFZ95U

Well, there are redemption codes that anyone who plays can use. These PUBG Lite Free UC Redeem codes are available for free and can be used by players to unlock various rewards and features in the game. These redemption codes are updated daily by the appropriate servers. So players get a new redemption code almost daily!

Krafton issues new codes to players every day. Players can use these codes according to their three-day or longer validation. These redemption codes can usually only be used for one day.

PUBG Lite Redeem Codes with Longer Validity

RewardsRedeem CodeValidity
Casual Stroll Set/ 200 BP/ Bunny DanceDRPIKACHUPUBGM3 days
1 Lucky Coin/ Bowknot ParachuteBUNNY GACHA3 days
1 Lucky Coin/ Bowknot ParachutePUBGM LOVES U3 days
Casual Stroll Set/ 200 BP/ Bunny DanceQADEERPUBGM3 days
The Skulls – GrozaPUBGM GROZA3 days
Rugged (Beige) Kar98KHAPPYEASTER3 days
Rugged (Beige) Kar98KPUBGM98K3 days
Casual Stroll Set/ 200 BP/ Bunny DanceSOLOKINGPUBGM3 days
Casual Stroll Set/ 200 BP/ Bunny DanceKALFANPUBGM3 days
Casual Stroll Set/ 200 BP/ Bunny DanceDUCKYPUBGM3 days
Locking in Los LeonesPUBGMOBILELOVEU3 days
R3HAB Stars – AlignR3HABPUBGM60 days
Lost Frequencies – RiseLOSTFREQPUBGM60 days

These redemption codes can usually only be used for one day. For more daily updated fogs, visit the Battlegrounds Mobile India website by clicking on the icon below!


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