Open RAN is strengthened in FYUZ and Nokia joins the project

26. 10. 2022 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

F YUZ , a great event for the future of connectivity and the metaverse, served as an accelerator for mobile radio access networks this Tuesday by celebrating the Open RAN Summit. During the day, when the world's major players in the telecommunications field discussed the challenges and opportunities they face in building the networks of the future, it became known that Nokia had decided to join the project.

The announcement represents a significant boost to the transformation of the telecommunications infrastructure to achieve truly open, intelligent, virtualized and fully interoperable RAN networks, and will once again boost Europe's telecommunications competitiveness.

On the first day of FYUZ, more than 1,700 telecom professionals from around the world were able to see how challenges are being overcome, how Open RAN deployments are progressing, and how the value chain is evolving in new infrastructures and a wide range of available options. to meet the needs of different operators and users.

One of the main conclusions of the conference points to the benefits of implementing Open RAN. Conceptualizing and building the connectivity infrastructure of the future opens up opportunities to stimulate innovation and new modes of operation. This reality is now joined by one of the technological benchmarks of the telecommunications sector, Nokia, which will work on a solution that fully meets the requirements of Open RAN.

Gastronomy served as a perfect metaphor for how collaboration and the different contributions of each player in the telecommunications ecosystem are key to shaping the recipe for future connectivity. Technology and connectivity that will underpin the next wave of innovation worldwide.

This innovation concept is also shared by the renowned chef Dabiz Muñoz, who during the conference discussed the role of technology in the gastronomy sector, in addition to explaining the similarities between the two sectors. His talk was the perfect complement to a conference that analyzed the fragmentation of current systems to re-articulate them through the integration of solutions from different providers, just like in the case of haute cuisine. Creativity and innovation are in constant motion in both worlds: all systems can be integrated, but diversity is needed at all levels involved.

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