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Nokia designs a tattoo as a vibrating alarm for the mobile phone

20. 01. 2023 Friday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

D igital immersion is a powerful vision for the metaverse, with countless applications for entertainment and productivity. The metaverse is revolutionizing our relationships and remote interactions. But what do we need this technology to make video calls from mobile and wear virtual reality glasses to communicate?

Nowadays, many people could not live without their mobile phones. Now you can even immortalize the small device with a tattoo. According to media reports, Nokia has filed an application with the US Patent Office for a new material that aims to put the mobile phone's vibration alarm on the skin.

Specifically, we are talking about materials that are activated by a special magnetic field and then vibrate. This can be applied to the skin as a stamp, plaster or spray. But you can also embed it in a kind of ink, so the vibrating alarm can stick under your skin. For example, if you received an SMS, your skin will tingle. Unfortunately, it is not yet known what exactly the consequences of this may be for health. That way, there would certainly be no more new messages. The only question is whether it really matters that much...

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