Nokia won the award at Fiber Connect 2022 in Washington

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The Fiber Connect 2022 PoC demos show how service providers can leverage the unlimited capacity that fiber can offer to support applications such as smart city, smart home, remote healthcare, 5G and IoT.

WASHINGTON, DC - (June 23, 2022) - The Fiber Broadband Association has announced the winners of the Fiber Connect 2022 Proof of Concept (PoC) demo. The PoC Showcase featured six presentations from Fiber Broadband Association member companies and partners that demonstrated why fiber-optic technology is the most powerful, reliable, and appropriate broadband technology to bridge the digital divide and support innovative applications.

The three award-winning PoCs include:

The most innovative award - Nokia was awarded the “Fiber for Our Broadband Future Now” PoC. In this demo, developed by Nokia Bell Labs, Nokia has achieved the first 100 Gb / s broadband technology in the United States with 100 G PON technology. PoC has shown how to increase fiber capacity from GPON to XGS-PON and beyond by simply adding the wavelength of a single glass fiber. It has revealed new services and use cases, such as ultra-high-speed business services, 5G and 6G transport, that can converge into a high-speed fiber connection to create new opportunities for consumers, businesses and communities. He demonstrated on live equipment how we can unleash the capacity of our networks built today with additional wavelengths and new technologies for the benefit of future generations.

Award for Best Community Impact - Calix was awarded for its PoC of “Providing an Excellent Subscriber Experience in a Rapidly Changing Environment”. With $ 1 billion invested in industry-leading end-to-end platforms over 11 years, broadband providers can seamlessly layer value-added subscriber services in addition to their managed Wi-Fi offerings. These new services are designed to meet the changing needs of subscribers. This PoC effectively illustrates the value of advanced network security, connected home camera services, advanced parental controls, artificial intelligence-driven social media monitoring, and damage protection for dozens of smart devices in most households.

Game Changer Award - presented to Ciena, Plume and Benu Networks for “Supporting Cities to Be Smarter and Better Connected with an Open and Scalable Residential Broadband Solution” PoC. The companies jointly demonstrated how a city can implement a next-generation network with an open, optimized, and highly scalable cloud-based solution. PoC supports urban communication requirements to become smarter and more efficient while providing high-capacity broadband services to schools, libraries and residential areas in urban, suburban and rural areas.

Gary Bolton, president and CEO of the Fiber Broadband Association, said: “The Proof of Concept Showcase was an exciting testament to the opportunities that fiber optics create”. “Wonderful things are coming out of the collaboration, so it was great to see our members and partners come together to showcase the next wave of innovation that fiber can support. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s show, and all six PoCs are to be applauded for their excellent show and well-done work.”

All PoC presentations are rated live by Fiber Connect 2022 industry analysts. The three PoC Awards were presented at the general meetings of the June 15 event in Nashville, Tenn.

A detailed description of each PoC presentation is available in the Fiber Connect 2022 mobile app, which can be downloaded for attendees at the event. PoC demos run continuously during Expo Hall opening hours. Leading industry analysts attending the Fiber Connect 2022 event will be judging the Fiber Connect PoC Awards.

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