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Nokia to showcase high-capacity networks at Amplify Thailand

25. 08. 2023 Friday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

N okia presents technological highlights and corporate strategies after rebranding. This is part of the company's long-term commitment to promote and accelerate digital transformation and economic growth at the "Amplify Thailand" event in Bangkok. Nokia is at the forefront of network technology innovation across the country. At the same time, the presentation of a new generation of network solutions. and technology innovations for B2B that will help businesses and network service providers (CSPs) to support Thailand in realizing its digital potential and creating more digitization opportunities.

At the event, Mr. Arjay Sharma, General Manager of Nokia Thailand and Cambodia Revealed the company's latest technology moves and strategies. Including information on the current operations of Nokia (Thailand), followed by interesting content presentations by Mr. Terence McCabe, CTO, Nokia Asia Pacific. and Japan This provides an overview of technological leadership. and the latest innovation and technology solutions from Nokia.

He also revealed the company's role in promoting digitalization in Thailand. and helping Nokia customers transition and prepare for an immersive digital world. connected and more seamless All this is achieved with the latest innovations and solutions from Nokia. which will digitalize Thailand's core industries This will help industries to increase their productivity capabilities, which will drive the country's economy. To demonstrate this commitment, Nokia has organized a series of shows to showcase all the best innovations, products and technologies in business. including mobile networks, cloud network and network infrastructure technology Specially selected highlights of the works presented by Nokia at a global event such as Mobile World Congress 2023 show that Nokia has a clear position in shaping the future of the industry in Thailand. and promote development in the socio-economic space by helping network operators and businesses in Thailand on their way to 5G and digital transformation.

Nokia MX Industrial Edge is a future-proof enterprise solution. Accelerate operational technology (OT) digital transformation by combining speed and model ease of use. edge-as-a-service Combined with a high-performance, flexible and secure edge architecture, this solution is designed to meet the critical requirements of asset-critical industrial environments. The Nokia MX Industrial Edge supports enterprises' business-critical use cases, such as real-time monitoring of video signals and alarms. and advanced video analytics solutions for critical applications such as quality assurance and security.

Nokia's ReefShark chipset provides the Nokia endpoint 5G network ports between reasons The large MIMO antenna and intelligent and efficient improvements of the AirScale system module of the chipset were developed and built by Nokia in the silicon design for an enhanced user experience. The company's expertise in mobile antenna development and Nokia Bell Labs' artificial intelligence makes high-performance, high-performance solutions a reality. The Nokia PSE-6s chip-enabled platform is designed to help service providers scale their optical transmission networks to meet increasing capacity requirements. Providing efficient high-speed spectrum services, including 400GE and 800GE services, while reducing network power consumption.

Arjay Sharma, head of Nokia Thailand and Cambodia, said: “We remain committed to supporting Thailand as it moves towards Industry 4.0, where our technology can drive digital transformation in all industries. We believe that Thai industries will benefit from increased productivity. Supported sustainability solutions and greater reach through digital solution management. Nokia is committed to continuing to support its partners and customers on this journey. And we hope that we can continue to promote the development of the country. "

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