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Nokia shares end on a sad day

23. 12. 2022 Friday / By: Robert Denes / Business / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Black Friday for Nokia - Nokia shares have fallen 7.2% in the past week and have continued to do so for the past few days (including today), far worse than the S&P 500, which was down 3.3% during this period. Looking at the changes over the past ten days, the stock has fared much worse than the broader markets.

According to Nokia's latest 3Q22 earnings, revenue increased to $6.63 billion in 3Q22 from $5.73 billion in 3Q21. However, EBITDA and other operating expenses increased at a faster rate, and the EBIT margin decreased from 9.3% to 8.3% during this period. Still, net income increased due to the lower tax rate, and EPS was up $0.09 in 3Q2222, compared to $0.06 in 3Q21.

Will NOK shares continue to underperform or are we in for a rebound? Based on machine learning analysis of share price trends over the past ten years, we believe there is a reasonable 56% chance NOK shares will rise in the next month (21 trading days).

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