Nokia sets up new chief technology officer in North America

23. 11. 2021 Tuesday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

T elecommunications company Nokia Finn is now setting up a new technology leader in the United States amid significant growth in North American service providers ’spending on mid-range 5G networks.

He hires Nokia’s long-time North American chief technology officer as his own North American chief technology officer. David is currently vice president of strategy and technology for Nokia North America and will now be the company’s chief technology officer.

Nokia has confirmed that David Eckard, Nokia’s vice president of strategy and technology for North America, will replace Murphy at the company.

David Eckard studied Nokia North America at the State University of North Carolina where Graduated as an Electrical Engineer, Computer Network Engineer and Computer Engineer. His first job was at Alctel, where he spent 12 years. Nokia then acquired Alcatel-Lucent, so David transferred to Nokia as Director of Systems Engineering and Technology. In 2013, he became Chief Technology Officer for Wired Networks, and in 2019, Vice President of Optical Networks Business Strategy. In February 2021, he became Vice President, Strategy and Technology, North America.

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