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Nokia private wireless options

26. 11. 2022 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Now is the time for those who are introducing the technology as more customers are starting to see the benefits and the channel is creating successful case studies.

Nokia is signaling to its channel base that one of the opportunities it wants to focus on in 2023 will be private wireless. The communications player has a broad channel that covers distributors, SIs and VARs, and interest in the network portfolio has expanded with the explosion of hybrid working.

Nathan Stenson, head of Nokia's global channel business, said: The channel has been key to the delivery of its portfolio of "private wireless...optical networks, data center switching [and] rack switching".

“There are about 1,500 already out there in all the [different partner] segments,” he said. "We already represent a significant part of the global enterprise business - because of course this channel serves to multiply Nokia's enterprise business ambitions, both in terms of geographic reach and market reach."

Stenson added that Nokia is looking to work with more global system integrators, but they need to have networking expertise, especially in edge networks, and to lead the relationship.

The door is also open to VARs with the right mix of attributes. “We want to talk to and recruit more partners, but it makes sense for those who have the right DNA and the right situational circumstances to partner with us,” he said.

Nokia's growth is around private wireless, where the company is creating case studies of how to work with the channel to meet specific customer needs, and that's spurring further activity.

Stenson added: “Private wireless is a pretty big deal for us because it can do things that other networking technologies can't. It enables solution-based results with enterprise customers through our partner and direct channel to bring it to the fore.

“Private wireless is new and brings new answers in many different industries,” he said. “I could show you with case studies and use cases that we have in all [partner segments].

“The time is here, bringing together IT and OT, bringing together a network and operational technology in a specific vertical that produces real business results: this is what our partners want to explore. That's what they're leveraging, and that's resonating with enterprise customers who are looking for these kinds of networking solutions—and more importantly, these kinds of business outcomes.”

Given the push to introduce private wireless services and some of the other cutting-edge network technologies in Nokia's portfolio, Stenson expects a solid year for the channel despite well-known economic headwinds.

“I'm very optimistic because I think businesses need to continue to look to technology and the wider digitization of their business processes – their interactions are intertwined with all the entities in their own operating ecosystem, [so they need to improve] efficiency. on them to continue competing," he said.

"We must continue to do the right thing by our partners, ensuring we have all the tools, efficiencies and training – everything you expect from general support." Stenson said. "This is our responsibility to our partner channel."

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