Nokia phones lead Counterpoint's reliability ranking

28. 10. 2020 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Counterpoint Research has re-published its “Trust Rankings” report for smartphone manufacturers, based on four pillars of up-to-date software, security updates, build quality and tools recommended for businesses.

HMD Global Nokia phones are listed with timely OS and security updates, as well as phones with durability above the industry average.

Currently, all eligible Nokia devices are currently running Android 10 OS - which is even better than last year when HMD led again. The only smartphone maker that boasts an upgrade to 100% of current phones is the OnePlus, although it only has 7 devices compared to the HMD 20.

Samsung also evaluates quite well in this test, with 89% of eligible Galaxy phones running Android 10. Realme took a distant fourth place with 73%, pulling out rivals Xiaomi and Huawei.

HMD’s phone portfolio had the highest proportion of models proposed for enterprise use. Part of this is that all your phones get security fixes every month. OnePlus has an almost perfect score, with 90% of supported devices receiving monthly fixes.

For Samsung and Huawei, these proportions are 22% and 29%, respectively, meaning that most of their phones follow the quarterly repair schedule. Realme and Xiaomi do much better in this regard, as they repair two-thirds of their phones every month.

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