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Nokia phones are disappearing from store shelves again

05. 02. 2024 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia stopped making phones years ago and this division was replaced by various other managements. The Nokia mobile phone branding is now ending and HMD Global is selling them under its own brand name.

Nokia is a prime example of how things can go wrong if you stick to the naive attitude that "what has worked for years must continue to work". Recently, this has been a significant threat to European car companies. While in 2007 Nokia had a seemingly unshakable 50% market share, and by 2010 it was still somewhere around 40% (and three times Apple's sales), 2012 brought numbers well below 5% (and Apple's 3- times bigger). It was a dramatic fall from which Nokia never recovered.

In 2013, Nokia phones moved under Microsoft's wing, where they didn't do particularly well, and Microsoft failed to push a mobile version of its Windows system, which many considered the best mobile operating system. But apps were lacking, and Microsoft later got rid of those phones. These were taken over by HMD Global, which licensed the Nokia name, so they no longer had anything to do with the original manufacturer, just a rented name. Nokia itself is still a going concern, but no longer in the phone business. And the licensing of the Nokia name ends now.

Nokia phones will thus leave the market for good, and HMD Global will introduce new phones under the HMD (Human Mobile Devices) brand name. Older phones will still be supported, but new ones will have a different logo. And that logo might be important. In discussions, people are already saying that they will never buy another phone from HMD without the Nokia logo. The question is, of course, how many of them will follow the threat, i.e. how will it actually take effect on the phone market.

Here we note that HMD is the company that for many years has not been able to reveal what the three letters of HMD actually stand for. He did not reveal what this three-letter abbreviation means! Hmmm... Sorry, but this seems like a bad joke to me. I will not reveal my full, proper name to anyone in the world, should no one in the entire world know my name?! So who am I really? Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it would be the minimum for a company to fully disclose the real meaning of the abbreviations of its regular name. Or not?

Of course, Pekka Lundmarkt will not be the CEO of Nokia, in which I think that maybe in the near future a new director will see this matter differently and will have Nokia phones manufactured again and we will see the Nokia logo on our phones again. In the last few weeks, the share price has been falling and falling, which was driven up by today's Vivo contract (+0.4225%). It is a question of how long it will remain in a rising status and at what point the rise will command itself. How will the market and investors react to the disappearance of the Nokis logo in the near future? Would a new director be the solution to this problem? We could ask so many more questions, how would Nokia fare better, phone or no phone? Why does it not bother to pick up the pace with the Asian manufacturers during the past years? Is this all the fault of the downsizing of the past one or we can almost say two decades? To me, this is like throwing away my own child because it is useless, does not generate profit or only a little, with which I am not completely satisfied.





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