Nokia offers in-house SAC Wireless installation services in the United States

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SAC will continue to provide end-to-end deployment services for new vertical areas that it is best able to handle, especially for customers who want an OEM agnostic partner.

Nokia is making changes to the management of U.S. mobile network sites and bringing in-house installation services through its wholly owned subsidiary, SAC Wireless.

SAC Wireless, which Nokia bought in 2014, has worked with the vendor on “countless projects,” but Ed Alfonso, EVP and GM at Nokia America Mobile Networks, now makes sense to import delivery services. With its independent operation, SAC has helped make 5G deployment easier for customers, including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizont.

SAC will continue to deal with tower work and site procurement, including zoning and permitting (Z&P) and architecture and engineering (A&E) for service provider customers. Nokia, meanwhile, will handle the equipment, software, logistics, implementation and maintenance - providing a single point of contact that customers say Alfonso Castellanos has asked for.

“Our global priority is to simplify the customer experience, and this move does just that,” he told Fierce in an email.

Alfonso Castellanos said SAC also provided talent and recruitment services to Nokia.

The change will move sourcing and supplier management into a single group, he added.

SAC will continue to provide end-to-end deployment services for “new vertical areas that it is best able to handle,” especially for customers who want an OEM agnostic partner.

Expands Nokia's installation services team

The change expands Nokia’s existing internal team within the Mobile Networks business unit.

“Moving all deployment services under a single umbrella to Nokia strengthens our customer experience and allows us to enrich the team with strong talent and resources,” he explained.

This includes the involvement of “many SAC installation specialists”, but Alfonso would not say how many. According to the SAC website, it has about 2,000 employees, with the largest team in the United States having its own lecturing staff “Our employees will continue to work in the same role, be it Nokia or SAC Wireless,” Alfonso Castellanos said.

“The industry is so competitive; it’s just as important to be a company that customers want to work with and enjoy working with as a company that delivers world-class products and services, ”said Alfonso. "Our mission is to always be two."

“As these stars align, our goal is to go from the initial site walk to going online – quicker, safer, and more efficiently than ever before, often in 20 days or less,” he said.

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