Nokia launches 4.5G and 5G base stations in Turkey

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Ö mer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said Nokia will manufacture 4.5G and 5G base stations in Turkey with Turkish technology company Karel.

Ömer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said: “We have promised to move to 5G in the highest possible township and nationality, and we will do our job in that sense,”

While Nokia and Karel co-operated in the production of 4.5G and 5G base stations in Turkey, the opening ceremony of the related production line was held at Karel’s Ankara plant. The first shipment of mobile base stations manufactured for local service providers is expected to start shortly.

Sayan stated that the cooperation between the two companies was a good example of the transition from a user-oriented approach to a production-oriented approach in Turkey, and pointed out that Turkey is an attraction in many areas.

Noting that in collaboration with Nokia and Karel, a production line for radio equipment has been ordered in Turkey, Sayan said, "Karel, who was born and raised in Turkey, is almost like Nokia in Turkey..."

Sayan, pointing out that Nokia is working to make the best possible contribution to Turkey, continued:

"We consider this cooperation to be an important step in which, based on the win-win principle, both companies will benefit from each other's talents and opportunities, both in the domestic and international markets. We hope that this opportunity will contribute to the development of our company. domestic and national production capabilities will be an advantage. We have promised to move to 5G in as many settlements and nationalities as possible, and we will do our job accordingly."

Recalling that the 4.5G tender was introduced in the 2015G tender, Sayan stated that meeting this requirement is the result of global companies working with local companies and moving to 5G with the highest possible localization rate. with support from the Ministry's R&D fund.

Sayan also drew attention to the importance of research and development of equipment manufactured in Turkey, saying:

"We also need to consider the goal of giving our country the opportunity to develop advanced versions of this product. Our goal is to have all the technology needed to manufacture these devices, as well as the ability to design, develop, manufacture, or even export this. device, if necessary, with completely domestic devices, without relying on outsiders.I would like to express my belief that the cooperation here will have these results, and we will see this in the years to come. - and the flow of experience capable of deploying 5G and beyond communication technologies. "

Nokia’s national manager, Özgür Erzincan, said: As Karel and Nokia, they decided to produce mobile technology products locally and said: “We started domestic production of 4.5G base stations supporting Karel in Nokia at Karel’s facilities in Turkey. .Following the completion of the frequency and licensing studies, this production will be expanded to include 5G products.

He said the collaboration created 80 new jobs and the two companies made an initial investment of 100 million lire.

"Three of our 9 products in the first overcapacity plan have been tested. The quality level achieved far exceeds expectations. These are modules of electronic cards that are produced by arranging electronic components in Karelian facilities. Cards with very high density and technology. , the test production of which has been completed. "The domestic product certificate has been obtained. Nokia's domestic base stations will be domestically certified based on the modules and finished products. We plan to obtain domestic production certificates for the remaining parts, where trial production is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of this year."

Erzincán said that the production started here is currently being carried out for Türk Telekom and explained that exports from this facility are expected to start shortly as 5G is not available in Turkey. Erzincán added that in 5 years, they want to reach an export level of more than $ 1 billion if the necessary opportunities are provided.

Karel, chairman of the board, Sinan Tunaoğlu, stated that about 17 million electronic cards and boxes are produced at the facility each year, explaining that “Turkey’s gray electronics factory with the largest production capacity’.

Tunaoğlu said that due to the large capacity, 30,000 square meters of new space has been occupied and production will continue in their new factory.

After the speeches, Sayan and his entourage inspected the facilit.

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