Nokia launches new headset in India

26. 02. 2021 Friday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

A new product with model number T3110 and its nine subvariants became visible under the Nokia brand under the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification in India on February 3rd. which does not give a clear picture of what the product might be.

The Bluetooth certification, dated January 8, reveals that Nokia will be launching a new, genuine Bluetooth 5.1-powered wireless headset soon. The other two earphone models listed in the same Bluetooth certification, namely the TWS-860 and ANC-860, which are actually the same, were certified back in 2020 and marketed under DongGuan Koppo Electronics ’own brand, Coumi.

These DongGuan Koppo Electronics headsets are cited as a qualified design on the Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802A) Bluetooth certification page, which means that the Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802A) launched by RichGo Technology in October 2020 are white labeled ( will be a new brand) product.

The new Nokia T3110 headset can be similar considering the proximity of the design and specifications of the Coumi ANC-860 and Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802A), the only difference being the logos. The Coumi ANC-860 is available for about $ 50 (€ 41, 36 3,615), while its Nokia counterpart is currently available in China for $ 439 ($ 56, 4,920, $ 68, 68).

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