Nokia is testing the next generation 5G with Sandvik mining equipment

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N okia and mobile operator Telia are running a live trial in Finland with high-tech global engineering team Sandvik to demonstrate how next-generation 5G Edge Slicing features can work with a variety of mining equipment and digital applications.

This is the world's first introduction of 5G Edge Slicing on a live commercial network, enabling service providers to offer their enterprise customers next-generation, secure, reliable and high-performance virtual private network (VPN) services over commercial 4G and 5G networks.

Chief Technology Officer Jari Collin, Head of Telia Finland, said: “We are delighted to be the first to launch the first 5G Edge Slicing solution with Nokia and our key customer Sandvik, who are making significant investments in digital mining technologies and the technology environment. in the test mine in Tampere." “Our advanced 5G network supports our customers’ business by enabling new services and making the network more efficient.

"We continue to develop innovations and the latest applications as our mission is to bring the capabilities of 5G to our customers."

Nokia will also run a trial with Cellcom using sliced ​​RAN-Transport-Core in Netanya, Israel, focusing on business applications and the customer experience, as well as enterprise connectivity over the high-speed metro network.

Once launched, both companies will be able to offer new services to their customers, creating new revenue opportunities, and partner with cloud application and infrastructure providers.

The Nokia 5G Edge Slicing solution is an enhancement to Nokia's previously announced 4G / 5G slicing capability. It allows operators to maintain critical business data at the local level while running slice management, control and insurance on existing central mobile data centers, ensuring cost and operational efficiency. It is also scalable, and the same virtualized network infrastructure can be used by multiple customers in the same area, such as on a multi-enterprise business campus.

Joe Madden, chief analyst at Mobile Experts, said: “Network slicing is the most exciting aspect of 5G as it raises the possibility of new dimensions of‘ higher performance ’as well as enhanced ARPU for both consumers and enterprise customers.”

"While many service providers are focusing on building 5G private networks for companies, network slicing is also opening up new market opportunities for service providers with 5G virtual private networks by using Edge Slicing, which uses the existing 4G / 5G network, to maintain business traffic locally."

These live trials follow a memorandum of understanding between Nokia and TPG Telecom last month aimed at developing mobile private network innovations for the mining and energy sectors.

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