Nokia is shaping global 6G standards in India

21. 05. 2022 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Business / Exact time: BST / Print this page

N innish telecom equipment maker Nokia is welcoming India to help advance the global standardization of advanced 5G and 6G technologies, and will increase the scope and presence of its research team, Bell Labs, in the country accordingly.

Nokia’s Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Nishant Batra said: “We find that India’s competence is severely underestimated in terms of what they can offer us. So we are increasing our expertise resources, including global standardization, because we feel that many advanced We can promote 5G standard and 6G addition to Indian competence”.

Although the standards are not written out of India, Nokia is finding "competence and people" to help build global standards, Batra said, adding, "We are now expanding the scope of Bell Labs." It’s time to introduce 5G to the masses in the country to benefit from attractive asset prices that are expected to fall further this year, he said.

"If it had only launched 5G 18 months ago, in addition to the asset prices where they were, only very select people would have benefited. India is not about that. So India has not stopped the bus at all. It is important that the plan is robust from now on," he said. Batra.

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