Nokia intends to consolidate industry-specific 5G technology in Colombia

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N okia Day Colombia 2022 was held in Bogota on June 9 with the aim of showcasing the advancement of the technology future towards the emergence of 5G in Colombia. The company has explored the main challenges they want to meet in the market and how important this would be for the country’s economy.

Pablo Veglio, Nokia Colombia Manager, said: “We want our technology to contribute more and more to a more sustainable world. We already have nearly 450 established networks worldwide, 20% of which are already 5G technology. In Latin America, 27 customers have this network, and the most profitable companies are mining, energy, transportation, manufacturing and logistics.”

The businessman also pointed out that the goal is for the impact of 5G in Colombia to contribute about $ 166 million to the country’s economy in 2035, especially in sectors such as manufacturing, which currently contributes 30 million to GDP, government and sector 26 million and other sectors such as mass consumption or trade. The mining sector is one of the keys to these goals, as Nokia already provides coverage to 60 companies around the world with technologies that improve their productivity.

Juan Mariño, Nokia's director of business development in Colombia, said: "He explained the importance of these technologies in an industry where the security, productivity and efficiency of companies are linked through the well-known 'truth triangle."

“Industries strive to ensure that no one is harmed, damages the environment or causes damage to infrastructure. When we talk about productivity, we are talking about being able to produce more volume with the tools the company uses at a given moment, and when it comes to efficiency, it is about achieving the production that we want to meet with resources. savings, assured Mariño.

He also highlighted work to simplify processes in many areas in the absence of technology support: “we are proposing an industry-wide connection, which could be through 4G or 5G private networks, to enable decisions to be made. online information, and for companies to have a unified operational dashboard and be able to improve operational efficiencies to reap these benefits.

Nokia says the return on investment for companies that acquire this type of technology depends on the size and operation of the plant, but it is estimated that this will not exceed 18 months or two years, as is the 60% of these companies; and cumulative profit and revenue 9-11 times greater improvement in sectors such as manufacturing, mining, and port operations. All this support for the industry is also evident in the popular metaverse. 5G technology will be of great value in this sector of the economy. If a physical process can be mapped, digital twins are generated, and the dynamics of these scenarios are digitized, these processes can be simulated for industries.

Diana Coll, director of marketing and communications for Latin America in Nokia, said: “What we see in the future is that there will be more and more sensors and other items that will make people spend less time with their mobile phones or augmented reality glasses."

Finally, Nokia was willing to provide the necessary cooperation with the Colombian government in the processes required for the rapid introduction of 5G in the country, thereby benefiting the above-mentioned sectors and other sectors that allow for a better share of the country’s economy.

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