Nokia has introduced its 5G industrial smartphones

20. 10. 2021 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

N okia has launched a 5G smartphone for private industrial networks that can withstand rough use at high or low temperatures, operates underwater, and reaches 1.8-meter drops. Nokia has announced a portfolio of new heavy-duty devices, including mobile phones, that are compliant with the fifth-generation architecture-independent (SA) standard.

In addition to the smartphone, the product family also includes routers that allow industrial machines, sensors and vehicles to be connected to private wireless networks to handle critical communications. It also includes 5G endpoints in the millimeter wave spectrum that can be used to take advantage of the new frequency bands to allow for use cases depending on the business line.

Nokia highlighted that its new portfolio is designed to provide greater reliability and continuity in industrial operations in difficult and remote environments. For example, factories, offshore platforms, or mining shafts where a traditional smartphone would not work.

Shkumbin Hamiti Director, Enterprise Solutions at Nokia said: “With Nokia’s heavy-duty devices, companies can ensure that their employees, vehicles and devices interact safely in even the most demanding environments,”

The toolkit has integrated features that allow you to monitor and analyze in real time the data generated by devices and sensors connected to a private 5G network, and make operational decisions based on this guide in an intelligent industry.

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