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Nokia employees demonstrate during the galette des rois

12. 01. 2023 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

On Tuesday, January 10, Nokia employees in Lannion took advantage of the galette des rois celebration to demand wage negotiations and condemn the lack of discussion around wage negotiations.

On Tuesday, January 10, Nokia Lannion employees were invited by management to share galette des rois. Nokia wants to recruit 100 cyber security engineers, but workers dissatisfied with the negotiation of salary negotiations - many at the call of CFDT, CFE-CGC and CGT - wore badges with several slogans:

“Payments remain broken down in frangipani; Epiphany, the trial is over".

A few days before the meeting, Nokia management told employee representatives that the mandatory negotiations on 2023 salaries would not take place until April, and that they would appear in July at the latest.

Unions demand commitments on cybersecurity hub.

“Two weeks ago, employees walked off the job to demand a pay rise against the damaging effects of high inflation in France. Nokia's management answered no without appeal, while leading the workers to believe for several months that they would listen to our request".

Out of the 250 workers present, 190 signed the petition demanding a wage increase.

"The €300 million distributed to shareholders in the form of share buybacks in January 2023 is the fruit of the employees' work".

The workers will ensure that there is a strong mobilization on their side on Thursday, January 19, at the demonstration against the pension reform project.

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