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Nokia chocolate is delicious chocolate

19. 08. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

H ave you tried the heavenly combination of raspberry and brown sugar in a bar of chocolate? If you haven't already, then the place to start from Ernoman is Nokia chocolate, which also has milk chocolate in the same packaging. Let's eat chocolate, let's eat Nokia chocolate now.

The Nokia chocolate pattern was designed by Sokru Oy's graphic designer Oti Virtanen for the city of Nokia, on which he drew a factory, a church and a school. Nokia City is a place and you can find things that people who live in Nokia City like every day. Nokia chocolate is made by the Suojärvi Chocolate Farm in Ylöjärvi. Nokia is famous for creating new things, but this time we are not talking about the telecommunications Nokia, but about the city that is called Nokia and about the chocolate that we can order and taste.

The growing city's skyline, waterways and strong industrial history are a source of pride for local residents, and the same themes can be found in Nokia chocolate produced in Suklaatila. Its flavor was chosen by the Nokia council as a light raspberry-licorice milk chocolate. Nokia chocolate, for example, can be happily tasted, as it comes from the most famous city in Finland. According to what we have heard, it will probably ease the homesickness of non-Nokia users. On top of that, Nokia chocolates are a convenient business gift for companies and communities in the city.

The city of Nokia's own urban design, which also appears on the cover of the package, was designed by Outi Virtanen, a graphic designer at Nokia's Sokru Oy. Nokia's beautiful nature with its waterways and well-known landmarks such as Tehdassaari, Nokian Church, Kerhola, City Hall and Eden Spa served as inspiration for the design. In addition, the patterns refer to the city's versatile business, sports and cultural life.

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