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Nokia call options are bought in large quantities by stock traders

10. 01. 2023 Tuesda / By: Robert Denes / Business / Exact time: BST / Print this page

On Monday, the Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) options market attracted unusual activity. Investors purchased a total of 18,604 call options based on the underlying stock. This represents an increase of approximately 50 percent over the average daily call option trading volume of 12,410 contracts.

The earnings report of Nokia Oyj, traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NOK, was published on October 20. The information technology company's quarterly earnings of $0.10 per share were in line with analysts' forecasts for 2008 earnings of $0.10 for the company. Nokia Oyj achieved a return on equity of 12.13 percent, and the company's net margin was 7.45 percent. However, the company's actual revenue for the quarter was $6.29 billion, a significant increase from the $6.27 billion expected by analysts. According to financial analyst forecasts, Nokia Oyj will produce in the current financial year. earnings of $0.42 per share in the company's operations.

590,847 shares of the company's stock were traded on Monday, increasing the price per share by $0.08 to $4.91. The reason for this was the increase in volume. This is a significant increase from the typical trading volume of 12,769,777 shares, which is clearly visible when comparing the two. Nokia Oyj's share price has ranged from $4.08 to $6.26 over the past year and a half. The debt to equity ratio is 0.23; the ratio of the quick ratio to the current ratio is 1.36; and the ratio of the current ratio and the speed indicator is 1.60. The company has a price-to-earnings ratio of 13.80, a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 5.98, and a beta value of 0.90. The company's total value, measured by market capitalization, is $27.65 billion. The simple moving average price of the company's stock over the past 50 days is $4.70,

A number of brokerages have recently issued statements on NOK, each with a unique focus. readers were encouraged to give a “buy” recommendation on Nokia Oyj shares in a report published and made available to the public on November 1st. Redburn Partners' investigation into Nokia Oyj officially began on September 26, the Monday after Labor Day. They recommended the stockholders a “buy” rating and set a price target of $6.70 per share. Societe Generale cut their price objective on Nokia Oyj from €5.80 ($6.17) to €5.40 ($5.74) while maintaining a “buy” rating for the company in a research report on Tuesday, October 25th. The report was published in November. 8 and announced that Morgan Stanley will begin coverage of Nokia Oyj.

Finally, Barclays cut their price target on Nokia Oyj from €5.60 ($5.96) to €5.30 ($5.64) in a research report on Monday, October 24th. Ten investment analysts think the stock is a buy, while only four think it is a buy. should be kept. According to, Nokia Oyj currently has an average rating of “Moderate Buy” and the website reports that the company has an average price target of $5.81. Additionally, states that the company currently has a price target of $5.81.

Several hedge funds and various other institutional investors have bought and sold shares of NOK over the past few months. During the third quarter, Dell Group LLC spent about $26,000 buying a new stake in Nokia Oyj. This acquisition has been completed. Bessemer Group Inc. grew its holdings in Nokia Oyj by 62.1% in the third quarter, bringing its total stake to 100%. Bessemer Group Inc. now owns 6,904 shares of the technology company’s stock for a total of 6,904 shares after purchasing an additional 2,644 shares during the last quarter. Each share of the technology company's stock is currently worth $29,000. In the second quarter, SeaCrest Wealth Management LLC spent nearly $30,000 to acquire an additional stake in Nokia Oyj. Oliver Lagore Vanvalin Investment Group invested approximately $33,000 to 2 In the first three months of 018, create a new position at Nokia Oyj. Not to mention, Ronald Blue Trust Inc. acquired a new stake in Nokia Oyj during the second quarter valued at about $40,000. Up to 7.57% of the shares in circulation are owned by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

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