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Nokia XR20 5G and Nokia X20 5G problems after Android 13 update

27. 12. 2022 Tuesday / By: Robert Denes / Software / Exact time: BST / Print this page

N okia Mobile has unfortunately repeated the previous mistakes it made when updating the Nokia 5.3, Nokia 3.4... devices to Android 12 in the case of the Nokia XR20 5G smartphones, and as a result, the Wi-Fi connection no longer works when using the devices.

The XR20, which is a durable Nokia smartphone, received the Android 13 update after mid-December, which produced new errors when users used the device. Several users have reported that the Android 13 update brought a bad error on the Nokia XR20 smartphone because after the update, the Wi-Fi network connection no longer works at all. was the first to report on the case in Finland.

Users have reported on the official Nokia phone community forum and community service Reddit that Wi-Fi is not working after updating to Android 13. The problem is apparently very common. According to users, the Wi-Fi connection cannot be turned on or no Wi-Fi network is found.

There is currently no known solution to the problem, and resetting the phone to factory settings, for example, does not help. Some Nokia XR20 users have also reported other issues such as black screen or Google Lens not working. These minor issues are said to have occurred not only on the Nokia XR20, but also on the Nokia X20.

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