Nokia X20 Android developer preview program for users

01. 09. 2021 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Software / Exact time: BST / Print this page

N okia Mobile launched the Android Developer Preview program for developers yesterday to test Android 12 beta. The program only works with the Nokia X20 and is intended primarily for application developers, not for general use, as this is an early beta version that can cause some software instabilities and application crashes.

If you are the owner and developer of the Nokia X20 or an adventurous person who likes to play beta versions, you should know that Android developer preview program registration and update and restore requests are only available in the My Phone app on your device. Registration for the Android Developer Preview Program and requests for updates and restores are only available through the My Phone app on your Nokia device.

Please review the points below before proceeding with the registration process:

  • Android 12 developer preview program builds (ADP) are early Android OS releases and are intended for application developers only – they are not recommended for general use.
  • Although strenuously tested by our development team, the builds may exhibit performance and/or stability issues in some cases.
  • Some applications downloaded from the Google Play Store may not be supported (either in full or in part) and may show signs of instability.
  • Upgrading from Android 11 to the Android 12 developer preview program and rollback from the Android 12 developer preview program to the Official Android 11 build will result in loss of user data. As such, we recommended that you back up any user data to avoid loss.
  • Online support is limited and may not be available to help users who experience difficulties with flashing the device.
  • Ready to get started?

  • Ensure you have the latest version of the My Phone app installed.
  • Open the My Phone app on your device, click on the Support banner at the bottom, and scroll down to “Android developer preview”.
  • Allow the app to check your IMEI (so we can check eligibility of device), agree to the software license terms and conditions, and after checking the Important Notes, confirm you’re happy to continue.
  • Learn more about Android developer builds on the Android Developer Preview site:

    Over-the-air (OTA) is the easiest way for you to get your hands on previews of the new Android developers. Due to the size of the image file, users are advised to download the builds via Wi-Fi.

    For more information, visit the developer preview program website by clicking the icon below.

    developer preview program

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