Nokia WIFI application Update with a new user interface

12. 01. 2021 Tuesday / By: Robert Denes / Software / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Nokia has released an update to the Nokia WiFi application that helps owners of Nokia WiFi beacons control their home Internet. The new version of the application creates a new user interface and launches faster.

With Nokia WiFi, you can control Nokia WiFi lighting quickly and easily. With Nokia WiFi, you can control the Nokia WiFi network from your smartphone - you can share the guest network, restrict the connection to certain devices, see which devices are on the network, or change network settings.

The new user interface is well thought out, making it easier now to turn on the guest WiFi network as its control is at the top, and you can also easily check your home WiFi speed as the Ookla test is now fully integrated.

What can you do with the Nokia WiFi mobile app?

Set up your Wi-Fi network (install the main token and add additional tokens to expand coverage). Manage Wi-Fi network (manage guest network, change password and other network parameters).

Can the mobile app control the Nokia WiFi network if it is not connected to the same network? Yes, the Nokia WiFi mobile app can be controlled remotely unless supported by your ISP.

Nokia WiFi

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