Nokia T20 Tablet launch in the Philippines

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HMD Global today unveiled the new Nokia T20 tablet in the Philippines. The all-new tablet brings the quality of a classic Nokia phone to the big screen, with many versatile features and long battery life to help you get to work and relax when it's time to play.

Introducing the new Nokia T20 Tablet with the long-lasting battery life, versatility and reliability you expect from a Nokia device.

The Nokia T20 is the unveiling of the all-new T-Series. It’s packed with innovative and accessible features that fans will love, including a crystal-clear 2K screen, as well as a three-year monthly security update and a two-year free operating system (OS) update.

Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global, said: “We are proud to always listen to people’s wishes and respond to them. Over the past year, we have seen an increase in hybrid work and online learning, as well as increasing use of social media, video calling platforms and streaming services - resulting in an increase in appetite for tablets, which is an impressive 53 percent. Q1 2020 to 2021. Designed for work, study and play, the Nokia T20 offers the classic features that people have loved and expected from our smartphones in a whole new format.”

Sancho Chak, CEO of the Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand, HMD Global: “The embrace of Nokia’s local mobile market has been warmly welcomed by Nokia mobiles since its launch this year, trust it, keep it. That’s why we’re launching the Nokia T20 Tablet nationwide as we recognize the changing needs and desires of Filipinos for versatile technology and features, as well as the collective needs of people around the world.”

Like Nokia phones, security and software remain paramount. A two-year operating system update for Android’s next steps and a three-year monthly security update to protect against the latest threats. As for the time spent in front of the screen, keeping children safe is just as important as nurturing their creativity and learning. The Nokia T20 comes with Google Kids Space, a reliable kid mode that lets kids explore apps, books and videos to nurture their interested minds. Google Kids Space runs in parallel with the child’s Google Account, which parents can manage with Family Link parental controls.

The new Nokia T20 is built with the same Scandinavian design philosophy as Nokia phones, with a simplified and streamlined design where every detail, edge and surface finish is easy to use from the start. The solid metal body structure and polished 3D display frame perfectly attach the large display to the thin metal body, making it suitable for long distances.

No one wants to be chained to a charging cable, so be prepared to loosen the clamps thanks to long-lasting battery performance. The Nokia T20's high-performance 8200 mAh battery provides 15 hours of internet browsing, seven hours of conference calling or 10 hours of watching movies with the family. The tablet also has a faster charge, which means users can get back to things faster.

Whether you’re watching the latest show or wanting to reach the personal peak of the game, the Nokia T20 2K display shows details. And with the ever-increasing number of video calls, the Nokia T20 is perfect for holding important business meetings, even a virtual quiz. Not only that, but the tablet is also blue light certified so users can cover the distance while being pleasing to their eyes.

When it’s time to relax, simply sit back and enjoy an audiobook with the kids or listen to your favorite music with the Nokia T20’s stunning sound quality. Thanks to the stereo speakers with OZO Playback, users can capture every detail when it comes to a truly immersive listening experience. And with the dual microphone, users can be sure they’ll hear them even in noisy environments.

Available on the Shopee from November 17-23, the Nokia T20 comes in PHP 12,990 (GBP 191, EUR 227 and USD 257) in ocean blue and 4GB / 64GB configuration. The device can only be purchased at exclusive sales times from November 24th to 30th.

The Nokia T20 Tablet is available for pre-order. The promotion of the Nokia T20 and Nokia Comfort Headset is only available to the top 100 customers. Customers need to fill it out.


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