Nokia T20 Tablet is now available for purchase in Mexico

19. 12. 2021 Sunday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

HMD Global has already launched the Nokia T20 in Central America, seeking to return to the market with a device that strives to excel in time and price.

With a 10.4-inch screen as well as 2K resolution, it makes entertainment a pleasant pastime, but maximum quality is not to be expected, as in that case the user would be dissatisfied in addition to being a cheap device. The T20 tablet will be available in two versions, the WiFi model 5999 MXN (GBP 217, EUR 256 and USD 287) and the 4G model 6999 MXN (GBP 317, EUR 356 and USD 387) from the soon-to-be-selected retailers.

One of the highlights is its audio system, with a pair of speakers on each side in a horizontal position that are not obstructed by the palm of the hand, giving a clear and immersive sound when watching series or movies. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is becoming less common in today’s gadgets. It’s in one corner, which makes it even weirder; However, the decision is understandable, as it is a low-to-mid-range device.

In terms of battery, the device offers outstanding performance and is considered by the brand to be one of the distinguishing factors. On the day of consumption based on episodes of YouTube videos and streaming platforms, the duration was barely over 10 hours. After one hour on these features, the battery charge dropped from 10 to 13% on different days.

Ali Bañuelos, CEO of HMD Mexico, said: The company has decided to return to the tablet sector because, although Nokia is a brand associated with phones, they saw an opportunity due to the digitalisation brought about by the pandemic.

“The tablet segment is not so much alien to smartphones,” said Bañuelos, who hopes to pass on his experience in this area to the Nokia T20 for other reasons, such as taking advantage of the new realities of learning and working to stay productive. from the space where users are located.

"Yes, there are several things you can ask, all of these elements increase costs, a tool that we think has the necessary trade-off to use."

It’s worth mentioning that in everyday life, such as video calling or working in a word processor, your performance is very good and lives up to expectations. As for work, I recommend it to those who do office work or want to take advantage of it in a video call.

But the sector I’m more focused on is high school students and even high school students, as it allows them to consume reading content and videos perfectly without performance issues. It could work for college students if their use isn’t as demanding.

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