Nokia Steel Watch at discount prices in Japan

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A lso buy a Nokia smartwatch with activity meter and sleep monitor to keep track of your sleep at night every morning. Don't worry, you can also track your running, running, swimming and other training parameters with this special Nokia smartwatch. If you don’t have a smart watch yet, buy it now and if you have one, then here’s the perfect time to replace it.

Activity tracking that helps you activate your life, stay healthy, and get a good night’s sleep. With Nokia Steel, you can run, walk, swim and even dance without a smartphone. No need to recharge or press a button, Nokia Steel automatically tracks all activities. Get detailed information and personal advice with the free Health Mate app. Buy now for 4980 JPY (GBP 31, EUR 37 and USD 43) fast because the promotion lasts until 9 am on October 25 (Limited Edition)!

Health Mate works with Google Fit for data tracking, MyFitnessPal for calorie counting, and RunKeeper and Nike + for additional run tracking. You may want to refer to those running applications as the Steel and Health Mate application cannot track runtime times. The app is also home to the entire ecosystem of Nokia products, as Nokia and Withings are also used with smart scales.

Nokia is also happy to help with your sleep record, using a tracker that shows you how long you sleep, how long you slept in bed, how long it took you to actually fall asleep. how many times did you wake up. Like calorie consumption, it’s more of an estimate as I woke up without the clock recording - I remember because the nightmare that woke me up was wild - and I feel it takes longer to fall asleep as the app indicates.

Country Price (Expected)
1. Nokia Steel HR Price in Canada 54 CAD
2. Nokia Steel HR Price in Australia 58 AUD
3. Nokia Steel HR Price in Bangladesh 3759 BDT
4. Nokia Steel HR Price in Nigeria 17026 NGN
5. Nokia Steel HR Price in Mexico 885 MXN
6. Nokia Steel HR Price in Russia 3085 RUB
7. Nokia Steel HR Price in UAE 161 AED
8. Nokia Steel HR Price in Hong Kong 341 HKD
9. Nokia Steel HR Price in Brazilian 249 BRL
10. Nokia Steel HR Price in Argentin 4362 ARS

Nokia is trying to be more helpful with its guide to better sleep, in which it tries to curb the phenomenon it calls “Social Jet Lag,” which is obviously what you get after you mess up your weekend sleep schedule. This is all useful, but you can get the same amount of tracking, and in my experience even more accurately, in the free Sleep Cycle app.

The philosophy of the watch is simplicity. It does not need to be charged, as Nokia says its battery lasts for eight months. He picks up, lives his life, and occasionally logs into the app to see how he sleeps and walks. No need to fumble with apps or buttons for the actual hour.


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