Nokia Pride is happening tonight

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P ride events are organized not only in big cities, but also in smaller cities in Finland. The organizers of the events in Ruovesi and Nokia encourage everyone to bravely participate in the parades of small villages as well.

A pride parade passes through sunny fields with people smiling and waving rainbow flags. The Ruovesi Pride parade gathered around 60 participants last summer. This year's event will take place on Saturday today in small and large cities in Finland.

Pirkanmaa's last Pride events of the summer will be held on Saturday in Ruovede and Nokia. The event in Ruoves is organized by a private individual, the organizer of the Nokia event is Nokia Pride ry.

Nokia has about 34,000 inhabitants, while Ruovedi has about 4,200. According to the organizers of both cities, the significance of the events is particularly great in smaller settlements.

In Helsinki, the Pride parade has already become mainstream. There is a greater need for the event in smaller places - believes Teemu Keskinen, chairman of the board of directors of Nokia Pride ry.

Nokia and Ruovedi organized the event for the first time last summer. Both had more than 50 participants. Nokia founded an association inspired by last year, which will henceforth be responsible for organizing the event.

The Ruovesi Pride event (changed to another service) starts on Saturday at 12:00 in the Ruoveti stone school. On the other hand, the pride of Nokia (switched to another service) at 12 o'clock in Tehdassaari.

Nokia Pride

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