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Nokia One Final Farewell smartphone will soon be on store shelves

10. 06. 2024 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

I didn't think that we would see a mobile phone with a Nokia logo on store shelves in the near future, but the X leaker In his latest share, Memes analyzes the Nokia and HMD phones already on the market and those that will be on the market in the near future, very cleverly listing and categorizing the devices that HMD Global may announce soon.

Most recently, MEMES mentioned on his account that the future of Nokia-branded phones is limited to the Nokia Original-Series, the classic Nokia Number-Series, and a final Nokia smartphone called the Final Model (10). Although it is uncertain whether this is feasible, the contract between HMD and Nokia expires next year. Therefore, HMD can still release this final model and provide some support.

The tweet outlines HMD's strategy, indicating that it intends to release a wide range of phones to fill the gaps left by Nokia models. This strategy includes budget phones like the Nokia C series, budget 5G devices like the Nokia G series, and proper mid-range phones like the Nokia X series.

Incoming device list:

Budget friendly:

HMD Aura

HMD Pulse

HMD Pulse+

HMD Pulse Pro

HMD Arrow

Wallet-friendly 5G devices:

HMD Ridge

HMD Waylay

High-Midrange 5G:

HMD Xenon

HMD Skyline

US exclusive:

HMD Vibe

HMD Atlas

In principle, HMD will launch even more smartphones with the Nokia label in the near future, the pricing or more precise announcement date of which we do not currently have, but as is usually the case - the time for everything will come soon.

HMD Feature Phones:

HMD Model series

HMD Icon-Series

HMD RT series

It is equally good to see that Nokia has not yet completely lost its grip on the mobile market and we can hold more devices in our hands that we say were manufactured by Nokia. True, the production is already done by HMD, but I think the design still belongs to Nokia.

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