Nokia Noise Canceling Earbuds BH-805 photos, user manual, user guide and other details

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N okia Mobile is planning to launch another new Nokia accessory that has recently leaked through the US FCC. The Nokia Noise Canceling Earbuds BH-805 has now been released by the FCC, revealing more details, including internal and external images, the user manual.

Check the design of the box and the Nokia Noise Canceling Headset BH-805 in the function above. The Nokia Earbuds BH-805 Noise Reduction User Guide describes various aspects of your touch controls and connection mechanism. It also deals with details like what’s in the box and the charge. It also describes the various components and their operation.

However, Nokia Mobile’s first ANC (Active Noise Canceling) headset has now given the FCC a green light. Shenzhen AngSi Technology manufactures these new earphones in China.

In addition to ANC or Ambient mode, the Bluetooth 5-powered headset is IPX5 rated, which means it is protected from water projected by the nozzles from any direction. The charging box has a 400 mAh battery, while each headset has a 45 mAh battery.

The touch control area is on the side of the headset, not in the middle where the LED is on, while the microphone is at the bottom. The charger case has four battery status LEDs under the Nokia brand and a USB Type-C port, and a reset button at the bottom. In addition to the charger case and earphones, the Nokia Noise Canceling Earbuds BH-805 comes with small, medium and large earbuds, a USB Type-C cable and the Quick Start Guide.

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