Nokia N139DL Flip Phone appears on the Bluetooth SIG

04. 02. 2022 Friday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

B ack in December 2021, you were able to see a Nokia phone with the code number Nokia N139DL, model number TA-1398, on the FCC certification page, confirming the device's existence. The phone has now appeared with the Bluetooth SIG authority, revealing its Bluetooth version.

The Bluetooth SIG certificate confirms that your Nokia N139DL supports Bluetooth v4.2. We also learn that this is an LTE phone.

We learned earlier that the Nokia N139DL will be a featured phone with an iconic flip-phone design. It will start on KaiOS 3.0. The FCC certification has revealed that the device has a 1450 mAh battery and supports Wi-Fi.

Still, it will be a smart phone. Given that it comes with KaiOS 3.0, it's likely that your phone has Google Assistant support. Other than that, the company’s last smart phone was the Nokia 2720 4G. The smartphone was launched in May 2021 with two displays. The inside of the smartphone is a 2.8-inch primary, while the external display is 1.3-inch. It is powered by Qualcomm 205 SoC and has 512 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage.

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