Nokia, Huawei, VMware is the market leader in network automation

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T elecommunication network automation is undergoing rapid change, with the automation of telecommunication networks changing much faster in the last two years than at any time in the history of battery management systems, network systems management, and operating support systems.

Global market for network automation software exceeded $ 4.36 billion in 2020, and Nokia continues to lose the most in this, according to a new Appledore Research report.

The Finnish seller closed the year with a 17% market share with $ 758 million in related revenue, followed by Huawei with a 12% market share with $ 544 million in revenue. With $ 379 million in revenue and 9% market share, VMware indicates that “there has been a structural transformation in this market,” analysts wrote.

The top three Finnish, Chinese and US sellers accounted for about 38% of the market last year, and the quartet of secondary players in the market together achieved a market share of 25%, according to analysts. Ericsson earned $ 284 million, followed by Cisco with $ 275 million, Ciena with $ 264 million and IBM / Red Hat with $ 247 million in revenue. The last 37% of the market is in the hands of a combination of independent software vendors (ISVs), data communications and IT challengers, and specialty companies, "Appledore analysts said, adding that none of the vendors in this group occupied more than 5% of the market. However, this inventory generated a total of $ 1.61 billion in revenue in 2020, according to the report. This new picture reflects both a rethinking of automation within the industry and a clear break with these traditional categorizations. Furthermore, the traditional definitions of these legacy systems “no longer adequately reflect the architectures, ambitions, or operating models of telecommunications service providers (CSPs) in a world of increasingly software-sese networks,” analysts wrote, adding that “automation is now CSP’s dominant driver spends on software."

Network equipment suppliers, Nokia, Huawei, and to a lesser extent Ericsson and Cisco, remain market leaders, but Appledore Research says their market share is steadily declining.

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