Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 unveiled in Vietnam

24. 04. 2022 Sunday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

HMD Mobile Vietnam has also officially unveiled the Nokia G21 and Nokia G11 smartphone pairs, which belong to the C-Series segment following the success of the G-Series and Nokia C21 Plus in early 2022.

The Nokia G21 is a smart choice for young people who are dynamic, like to move and improve themselves. This is a smartphone with a stunning Scandinavian-style design that offers a full range of services for work and play.

Old Nokia phones were renowned for their robust battery life, and the new affordable Android smartphones are no exception, with impressive three-day battery life and new Super Battery Saver mode, as well as category-leading security updates.

Twice as many security updates as the competitor to protect your important data - the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 run seamlessly in the background to protect you so you can spend the day worry-free.

Introducing Mask Mode for affordable smartphones - available for the first time in the G-Series, it ensures that the comfort of face resolution never gets in the way. Keep your data safe with or without a protective mask. It’s ready for Android 12, so you always have access to the latest features and have a smartphone that you can keep for longer.

Supported by industry-leading partners, the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 come with preloaded Spotify and ExpressVPN for the best... experience. Spotify also provides access to 70 million songs and 3.2 million podcasts for Nokia smartphone owners. [Iii] For added privacy and greater peace of mind, ExpressVPN is now available on all new Nokia smartphones with a 30-day free trial. The impressive three-day battery life is perfect for those who want to spend their day not caring about how much battery they have left. Whether you’re capturing your memories with family or watching your favorite shows, the new Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 keep you in touch all day long.

Turn on the all-new Super Battery Saver mode to further extend your battery life - you can even choose exactly where you want to save energy so you still have access to the key features you need. Both the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 allow you to turn this feature on at any time. Unlocking 90 Hz for the first time in the G-Series, the increased refresh rate makes scrolling and typing even smoother and photos look smoother.

Versatile triple-lens cameras fully prepare everyone to take professional-looking photos, delivering beautiful detail even in low light. The artificial intelligent devices on the front panel ensure that the evening selfies provide the right amount of light and clarity. In addition, with AI super resolution, the new handsets improve the zoom quality of the recordings for an impressive result.

Introducing a completely new design, the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 are thinner and more ergonomic. The new design made of durable polycarbonate respects the durability and Scandinavian excellence expected of Nokia phones while giving the product range an updated look. For extra peace of mind, the Clear Case is available for both phones, showing the beauty of your phone. Made from recycled materials and can be recycled after use.

Customers who buy the Nokia G21 or Nokia G11 plant 10 trees as gifts through Ecologi. As the first milestone, HMD Global pledged to help plant 1,000,000 trees. The amount of 308,000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided in 25 years is equivalent to more than 700 million miles of customers ’total effort spent on a car or 37,465,935,100 smartphones.

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