Nokia CEO in the Netherlands praises van Roey Institute students

10. 05. 2022 Tuesday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

V ORSELAAR - Björn Capens, site manager for Nokia's Antwerp facilities, was a guest at the Cardinal van Roey Institute in Vorselaar on Tuesday to present the first prize in the company's annual Maths in Telecom competition. Nine students at the school proved to be completely up-to-date in advanced math.

Nokia invites high school students to visit their Antwerp workplace on March 14 every year, also known as “pi” day. This year, it practically happened again. During school visits, students become familiar with different aspects of telecommunications and can ask engineers unscrupulously. In this way, Nokia wants to show what it can achieve in practice with an abstract thing like math.

Nokia always links the competition to the “Maths In Telecom Award”. Students must complete 15 tasks that will test their understanding of telecommunications math applications.

A group of 9 of KvRi’s sixth-graders took on this challenge and achieved a shared first place. Students in 6 Latin maths and 6 science maths follow an optional module in “Upper Mathematics” by math teacher Cindy Blommaerts. As the winning team, they will receive Corry Ammerlaan’s bronze statue “The Thinking Man” inspired by Rodin’s “The Thinker” statue. Mayor Lieven Janssens (ActionV) also came to congratulate the students.

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