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Nokia C12 Price and Announcement Time in India

13. 03. 2023 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews/ Exact time: BST / Print this page

A few days earlier, Nokia Mobile India shared on its Twitter account that the Nokia C32 smartphone will soon be available in India. Today, he already shared the price and purchase date of the device with his fans, in which he states that the device is available exclusively at the Amazon retailer in Dark Cyan, Charcoal and Light Mint colors and in a 2/64 GB (plus 2 GB additional memory expansion) storage configuration (up to 256GB memory support) will be available from March 17 on Amazon India for INR 5,999 (GBP 60, EUR 68 and USD 73) for a limited time.

Nokia C12 is the latest entry-level smartphone. which runs on the Android 12 Go Edition operating system, which mainly focuses on basic applications such as making calls, making calls, chatting, playing on social sites, but its outstanding feature in enhancing the smoothness is 3GB of RAM, but there is also 2GB of virtual RAM , resulting in a maximum of 5 GB of RAM. There is also a wide screen. Up to 6.3 inches, comfortable to use through the screen.

Country Price (Expected)
1. Nokia C12 Price in Canada 99 CAD
2. Nokia C12 Price in Australia 108 AUD
3. Nokia C12 Price in Bangladesh 7706 BDT
4. Nokia C12 Price in Nigeria 33642 NGN
5. Nokia C12 Price in Mexico 1374 MXN
6. Nokia C12 Price in Russia 5472 RUB
7. Nokia C12 Price in UAE 268 AED
8. Nokia C12 Price in Hong Kong 572 HKD
9. Nokia C12 Price in Brazilian 381 BRL
10. Nokia C12 Price in Argentin 14652 ARS
11. Nokia C12 Price in Switzerland 66 CHF
12. Nokia C12 Price in Japan 9706 JPY
13. Nokia C12 Price in Madagascar 314170 MGA
14. Nokia C12 Price in Tanzania 170956 TZS
15. Nokia C12 Price in Hungary 26707 HUF
15. Nokia C12 Price in South Korea 94834 KRW
17. Nokia C12 Price in Saudi Arabia 274 SAR
18. Nokia C12 Price in Colombia 347782 COP
19. Nokia C12 Price in Paraguay 524485 PYG
20. Nokia C12 Price in Peru 277 PEN
Nokia has exited the Russian market due to the Russian embargo

The size of the Nokia C12 is 160.6×8.75×74.3 millimeters and the weight of 177.4 grams is considered a good size. not small not big can be used normally But the device is not a unibody type, the battery can be removed by opening the back, and the SIM card and MicroSD card can be inserted. The display is 6.3 inches wide, HD+ resolution, 20:9 screen-to-body ratio, covered with tempered glass.

As for the back panel, it uses a diagonal design and a matte surface. In the upper left corner, there is 1 rear camera, 8MP resolution, and an LED flash under the camera. There is also another speaker in the lower left corner. The back can be opened. Inside is a 3000 mAh battery compartment. There are 2 Micro SIM card slots on the right side and a MicroSD card slot on the left side with a maximum capacity of 512 GB.

The Nokia C12 comes with a 6.3-inch wide screen that makes it easy to use. Especially when you watch various video content like Youtube or Netflix. There is also HD + resolution, which is the entry-level resolution found in modern smartphones. The Unisoc 9863A1 chipset is an octa-core or 8-core chipset, which helps to run more smoothly. and also has a speed of 1.6 GHz, which is an assistant that increases the smoothness of the Nokia C12. Not only that, but it also has 3GB of built-in RAM and can add another 2GB of virtual RAM for a total of 5GB of RAM. During use, it is considered slippery at a fair level, freezing may occur, but not slippery at higher levels. but he waited a moment.

The internal capacity of the Nokia C12 is quite large. With an internal capacity of up to 64 GB, it is not easy to find another smartphone at the same price. with this capacity Help you download the application And it can store a lot of file data, plus you can insert a MicroSD card up to 512 GB, which is the advantage of the Android 12 Go Edition system, you can immediately install applications on the MicroSD card and use it without any problems. In terms of gameplay, Serious gaming is not recommended. and it's a game that requires high specs. But when it comes to home games or general casual games, it's still enough to play.

Although the Nokia C12 does not have a fingerprint scanner. but it has a face scanning system which is considered fast, good, usable, and can be used in low light conditions to scan letters, which receives light from the screen to help you see the face. The battery can be removed. The received battery is 3000 mAh, which is enough for basic daily use. (Doesn't play heavy games) The charger supports 10W charging from 20% battery. It takes 2 hours 45 minutes to charge and return to 100%.


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