Nokia 5G Gateway Router Errors

27. 12. 2021 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

As I say, the impossible is not just the helpless. A new type of device has been introduced with the introduction of 5G broadband, which provides broadband internet access at home. Of this, Nokia Fastmile runs Android and contains exploitable bugs.

The privilege extension error in the web administration tool allowed you to export and modify configuration files, but unfortunately, although a telnet prompt can be opened, it is of little use without a password. After exploring the blocked ports on the bottom of the unit, a USB-C port was found that was found to be connecting to an Android device. A shell could be opened on Android via ADB, but further investigation revealed that Fastmile is not a single device, but two separate devices. Inside is a PCB with an Android 5G phone to handle the connection and another with a completely separate home router.

With access to the Android site and a login message on the side of the router that was there until you risked your Fastmile. There was only one breakdown left, showing the individual PCBs with their own heatsink and an impressive array of antennas. Maybe over time, these devices will become as prevalent as the old routers, and we’ll see them fully explored.

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