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Nokia 4300A television software update

23. 03. 2023 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Software / Exact time: BST / Print this page

In addition to mobile phones, Nokia also makes software updates available for its smart televisions, in which it has now made available the update of the Nokia 4300A television, which is 900 MB in size.

Invite your friends to house parties to your favorite music, organize playful battles, and access more than 7,000 apps from the Google Play Store. And all this with the 43-inch Nokia Smart TV 4300A screen. Get a lot of emotions without leaving the house.

With the 43-inch Nokia Smart TV 4300A screen, you can get a lot of emotions without leaving the house. With HDR10 technology, images come to life in the living room, as if they were in a real cinema. Nokia Smart TV 4300A uses a color palette of almost one billion shades, which allows you to provide every image of a movie and a game with precisely balanced brightness, contrast and color reproduction.

And with Dolby Vision image enhancement technology, watching your favorite movies and game battles becomes even more enjoyable thanks to vivid colors, expressive lighting and deep blacks. Immerse yourself in the magical world of movie premieres or music concerts with the Nokia Smart TV 4300В. Feel yourself a part of the events taking place on stage, enjoy every sound that gives you goosebumps from everywhere.

Enhance your viewing experience with two built-in 10W speakers and Dolby Digital Plus and DTS technology for stunning sound quality. Send your precious memories of your last vacation or your cute baby videos to the new Nokia Smart TV 4300A with Chromecast built-in and share the happiest moments with the people around you.

Your dreams come true with Nokia Smart TV. No more typing to search. Now it is enough to press the voice search button on the remote control and ask Google Assistant to launch games, search for the programs, series or movies you want.

The most popular apps, Netflix and YouTube, have direct access buttons, making it even easier to switch between them. Thanks to the illumination of the remote control, you can easily and quickly find the right button even while watching a romantic movie, even in low light.

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