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Nokia's patent case against OPPO has been suspended in Germany

24. 12. 2022 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

A spokesperson for the Dusseldorf Regional Court confirmed to me that the case EP3716560 Nokia v OPPO "on the processing of transmission signals in a radio transmitter" was stayed on Tuesday, as the court is quite likely to invalidate the patent at the same time. proceedings.

The EP'560 can also be found in the Nokia v. OPPO / OPPO v. In Nokia Battle Map , which I posted earlier this month. This post also summarized the most important litigation events. Nokia has prevailed over several patents, but OPPO has fended off several cases in various jurisdictions. A number of Nokia v. OPPO cases remained in Düsseldorf and one in Mannheim, but in some cases non-infringement was also found.

It is worth noting that Ericsson and Apple recently settled a dispute that began after the Nokia-OPPO patent outbreak. The first FRAND filings in this dispute came a few months after Nokia's first wave of lawsuits against OPPO, and the first Ericsson v. Apple infringement complaint about 6.5 months after Nokia sued OPPO t. . And who knows, it will take much longer. Now it's definitely taking a lot longer than I first thought - and at this point I can hardly imagine OPPO's IP team giving up. They seem to continue to defend vigorously until the terms are to their liking and the settlement makes no sense. Maybe other developers will still take the opportunity to make Nokia as a "Christmas present".

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