Made in Bangladesh - Nokia factory is being built in Bangladesh

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D haka, November 13 - Huge work is underway on the 355-acre land in Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City in Gazipur’s Kaliakair, where 70 domestic and foreign investment institutions are present. Several companies have already invested $ 120.76 million, slowly realizing Digital Bangladesh’s dream.

Nokia, the famous mobile phone manufacturer, is also fueling this dream and will soon be able to export Nokia devices that are labeled “Made in Bangladesh”. Their phone sets are being assembled in Nokia Bhaban, Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City, Kaliakair. If we look at a phone company like Nokia in Hi-Tech City, we think it’s not Bangladesh but a developed country.

This building adds to the beauty of Hi-Tech City. Nokia mobile phones have long been assembled from this factory. The company is considering exporting a phone kit labeled “Made in Bangladesh” soon. As a result, Nokia phones are labeled “Made in Bangladesh” in countries other than Bangladesh. They learned that land was allocated to local and foreign investors in various blocks of Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City. Many of these investment companies have begun building infrastructure. Nokia has already assembled the plant and is continuing its assembly operations.

By allocating five acres of land, a factory was established in Block 5 of Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City. Nokia mobile phones are manufactured here by BD Limited, a UK-based joint venture between Vibrant Software and Union Group Vibrant Software in Bangladesh. Currently, three thousand phones can be manufactured here every month. The company is working to increase productivity. Starting next year, Nokia will produce 6 million phones a month. It is here that it started manufacturing smartphones and phones. IT products, including Nokia Televisions and Tabs, will begin production early next year.

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