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N okia's Turkish manager, Erzincan Özgür, made a statement about the metarace. According to Erzincan, this excitement will continue in the next period.

Ozgur Erzincan, Nokia's national manager of Turkey, said: “A lot of talk has been said lately, and this excitement will surely continue. Metaverse creates extremely captivating virtual worlds where we can work, interact, and even escape. The structure of this virtual reality (VR) has also become the most dominant vision of metaverse. I agree that this is a powerful vision, but I still think this is a limited idea.

The VR Metaverzum assumes that we want to leave our physical environment and immerse us in a completely digital reality. Although we can travel to extreme virtual worlds, our existence in the physical universe is usually limited to a single point, such as the interiors where we live and join a WiFi or telephone line.

Özgür Erzincan: “Nokia is one of the companies that believe that metarables cannot be limited to virtual structures. We believe in a larger metaraze that literally merits with the other instead of choosing between digital and physical reality. This Metaverse brings the extended reality (XR) experience to the world outside our homes and offices. Allows mobility and supports almost unlimited number of users. And will be equal to consumers, institutions and industries. "

Both this metaraze and other metaraces are based on the extremely elaborate digital twins of the physical and human world. If you decide to contact these digital twins, all users can see how their virtual activities are reflected in the physical world and their own physical activities in the digital world. This metaraze helps develop our human side by nurturing our emotions and enriching our physical abilities.

Instead of immersed in the latest FIFA VR game on the couch, you can make your own XR football match anywhere. Even if you have only one ball in your hand, you can gather with a group of friends on an empty track to wear XR glasses and display the field lines and gates of a regular size field. You can place team colors on each player's clothing and thus identify different teams.

An artificial intelligence referee who appears on the pitch in the form of a three -dimensional avatar can steal irregularity, decide and keep the match score. What if there is no 11 players in your team? Thanks to the XR application, you can have extra teammates. A goalkeeper who joins the team in the form of Avatar may not physically touch the ball, but thanks to the virtual layout on the pitch, you can see that a weak shot is easily blocked by the goalkeeper.

Özgür Erzincan: "Consumer use of Metaverse is certainly attractive, but we see the true potential of metaverse in the vertical sectors."

"For example, thanks to industry-specific Metaverse, city designers can get rid of their drawing room. A planner walking on the street with an XR glasses will be able Moving a bus stop or installation of a traffic light will affect traffic."

Of course, you don't have to make such decisions alone. Each proposal for change is merged and uploaded to the city's digital twin brother, so the central design department can see the combined effects of thousands of smaller projects on the transport habits of the entire metro field. After granting the building permit, the building staff may switch to the digital twin environment, directing them to the exact location of traffic lights and crossings with the help of XR. Meanwhile, curious pedestrians passing by the workspace can wear their XR glasses and can see from their own perspective how the project looks like.

“In order to access this wider concept of the metaverzum, we need a lot of innovations. We will need new cheap tools that have been developed slightly. We will need strong computing capabilities, highly scattered software systems, sophisticated content making tools and innovative new services that can exploit the full potential of Metaverse. We will need technologies that not only perceive and understand the physical world, but also understand how people come into contact with their reality.

Nokia performs several different studies on these technologies, but the key piece of Metaverse puzzle is very well known by Nokia. Connecting is required to build a larger metaravian. We need robust, flexible and powerful networks. We need a significant step forward in delay, bandwidth and speed. We have already laid the basics of connecting with 5G, but to exploit the full potential of Metaverse will require a significant way for networking over the next 10 years.

Nowadays, 5G serves as an effective introduction to Metaverse and supports the first examples of industrial AR applications through consumer-oriented AR applications through special headphones and smartphones. However, when the first Advanced 5G installations start in 2025, the Metaverse scope also increases significantly. With the advanced 5G, we first start bringing the XR to life. The new overall processing features transfer some functions of the device to the network and develop small diameter XR glasses and lenses instead of non -practical and head -mounted units. This helps Metaverse get rid of the indoor environment.

Higher bandwidth and better delay for an upward connection are denser and almost photorealistic visual layers and more sensitive interactions. General capacity development, as well as application-based service quality and experience development will support a large number of simultaneous XR users. In addition, as advanced 5G positioning and timing features and other sensory technologies provide positioning and synchronization support for the XR, we can also combine larger and more sophisticated (in what sense?) Digital twins.

We believe that the industry will fully take advantage of these Advanced 5G features from 2025, and the new sophisticated (in what sense this word used exactly? Although the days come when consumers take over the XR, it remains behind the sector and corporate XR introduction.

Özgür Erzincan: "From 2030, our idea of ​​the larger metarace is united with our ideas for the 6G era."

“Instead of adding a virtual layer to the physical world, 6G allows us to manipulate the physical world directly in a direct digital way so that people can reproduce themselves. 6G significantly increases upward relationship capacity and reduces delay while providing higher network intelligence and application awareness. This explores the most intense holographic metaraz reality, which may experience unlimited number of users in sync and smoothly.

By 2030, the XR will become part of industry and businesses, and we will witness the beginning of the XR Revolution on the consumer side. In addition to cheap and lightweight glasses, there will be many tools that connect our digital and physical world. The volume, scale and proximity of the metaraze will also increase. The new detection capabilities of 6G allow the network to create digital twin brothers in real time from almost every physical element of the world.

In short, we will see that 6g space becomes a convergence point where we are inextricably linked our digital and physical life.

Özgür Erzincan: “Let's build this metaraze together - This transition to the larger metaraze is an unprecedented opportunity for the Connectivity Industry and is a blessing for society. In order to be successful, it must be based on openness and interoperability, safe and safe, ecologically sustainable and inclusive to be accessible to as many people as possible.”

“Nokia's expertise in networking between endpoints, its leading role in standards, and in many areas of the cutting -edge research positions itself in the construction of the dominant infrastructure of Metaverse. But since Metaverse needs a huge global effort and the whole ecosystem. Nokia is actively looking for strategic partners to help you realize this very necessary innovation, so I ask anyone who shares our idea to work with us to accomplish it. ”

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