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Leaked pricing of future Nokia and HMD devices

29. 03. 2024 Friday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

A few days ago, you could have read that the retailers presented the future Nokia and HMD devices, and now they are also listing the prices. A Danish retailer has shared the pricing of future Nokia and HMD phones and devices - of course in Danish crowns, which you can also view by converting to different currencies below. Prices include local taxes and may vary in other markets.

Earlier this week, we reported on eight future products from Finland's HMD Global , some of which will be launched under the Nokia brand and some under the HMD brand. The Danish retailer has now produced most of the products to give you a better idea of the price.

The directly converted prices of the devices can be found below:

  • Nokia 110 4G (2024) – DKK 301.25 (GBP 34, EUR 40, USD 43 and INR 3628)
  • Nokia 225 4G – DKK 431.25 (GBP 49, EUR 57, USD 62 and INR 5194)
  • Nokia 235 4G – DKK 466.25 (GBP 53, EUR 62, USD 67 and IND 5616)
  • Nokia 3210 4G – 558.75 (GBP 67, EUR 78, USD 85 and INR 7086)
  • HMD Pulse Pro, 6 + 128 GB - DKK 1203.75 (GBP 137, EUR 161, USD 174 and INR 14499)
  • HMD Pulse+ Business Edition, 6 + 128 GB - DKK 1336.25 (GBP 152, EUR 179, USD 193 and INR 16101)
  • HMD Dual Port Wall Charger - DKK 282.50 (GBP 32, EUR 37, USD 40 and INR 3398)
  • HMD T21 Rugged Grip - DKK 581.25 (GBP 66, EUR 77, USD 84 and INR 7003)
  • XCEED Cover Keyboard Nordic BT Nokia HMD T21 – DKK 555 (GBP 63, EUR 74, USD 80 and INR 6689)
  • It's also worth noting the price differences between the HMD Pulse Pro and the Pulse+. The Plus version seems to cost more than the Pro model. However, this can be explained by the fact that the Pulse+ is only listed as a Business Edition model, which generally offers a better warranty, business services and longer upgrade support than the consumer versions. It's also possible that HMD only plans to sell the Pulse Pro to consumers and the Pulse+ model to businesses in the Nordics.

    Earlier we also talked about the HMD T21 tablet, which could simply be a rebranded version of the Nokia T21 tablet. The device in question hasn't been listed yet, but the tablet will come with a third-party Bluetooth keyboard case. "XCEED Cover Keyboard Nordic BT Nokia HMD T21" is listed by the retailer for DKK 555 (GBP 63, EUR 74, USD 80 and INR 6689). Additionally, the listings show an "HMD T21 Rugged Grip" protective case, which is expected to be priced at DKK 581.25 (GBP 66, EUR 77, USD 84 and INR 7003) in stores.

    Previous listings have revealed the model names of the products for the first time and also revealed what color variants will be available. The Nokia 3210 4G phone is available in three colors, namely Scuba Blue, Grunge Black and Y2K Gold. The Nokia 225 4G is available in Pink and Dark Blue, while the Nokia 235 4G phone is available in Purple, Blue and Black. The Nokia 110 4G (2024) will accordingly be sold in Nordic Blue.

    According to dealers, the HMD Pulse+ phone comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Moreover, the screen would be 6.56 inches and the operating system would be Android. There is only one color variant, Midnight Blue. The HMD Pulse Pro is also available with 6 + 128 gigabytes of memory and comes in three color variants: Twilight Purple, Black Ocean and Glavier Green.

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