Is luck in favor of the brave in 5G consumer revenue?

10. 06. 2021 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

T he world of consumer 5G services has begun - but with whining rather than a bang. According to Ookla, more than 160 communications service providers (CSPs) have begun to connect consumers to their 5G network. So does that mean the era of increasingly rich AR location-based games and 3D hologram calling has finally arrived?

David Banjo, Head of 5G Solution Architecture at Nokia Mobile Networks, explains: “Analyzing the strategies of more than 100 mobile operators, we observed four broad approaches to revenue generation. While some operators combine different approaches into a multi-layered strategy, others are more reluctant to innovate, essentially sticking to what they know."

The easiest way to price and package 5G is to list it as “just another G”. 79 percent of the CSPs we examined offer 5G as an option based on existing 4G / LTE plans. In some cases, 5G can only be achieved with the highest level of plans, which creates a degree of sales potential. But in general, this approach sees 5G being won for 4G subscribers.

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