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HMD's flying carpet and phone

28. 02. 2024 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

You must have already noticed that the people seen on the mobile phones seen in the leaked and shared photos of HMD are sitting and sleeping on the phone, just like Aladdin on the plane's carpet. Is it like a fairy tale or is it really a flying phone? Will HMD's new and first phone be able to fly? I don't think that a mobile phone will fly, but I don't think it is excluded that the phone might contain a built-in flying drone that can be controlled with the phone device.

It's hard for me to imagine that HMD's first phone will include a drone, but let's not bury this possibility either, because we can't know for sure that it won't be - or will be - Human Flying Mobile Devices. Recently (11 hours ago), HMD Global's chief designer Miika Mahonen shared a video on her X account to which she added - "The home of Nokia phones. Designer, explorer, always looking for a new adventure". Can we be part of a new adventure with this in the near future? In this video, we can see this pink phone again, as a woman with blonde hair is sitting and dragging her index finger from left to right. The concept of a flying camera phone sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but Vivo has already created a working prototype. The Vivo flying camera phone is equipped with a small quadcopter that detaches itself from the phone and flies around taking pictures and videos from unique angles. This innovative concept has created quite a stir among tech enthusiasts, and I am no exception.

The idea of a drone camera phone is not entirely new. Other smartphone manufacturers have experimented with similar concepts in the past, but none have been as promising as the Vivo flying camera phone. The technology behind the Vivo drone camera phone is impressive, and the device promises to take smartphone photography and videography to the next level. However, Vivo has yet to bring its concept phone to the mainstream market and the technology remains a concept, leaving many fans wondering when we'll finally see a flying camera phone on the market. Despite the setbacks, I still believe in the potential of a flying camera phone and I still hope Vivo brings this technology to market.

Aerial photography and videography have become increasingly popular in recent years, and drone cameras have also played a significant role in making this possible. Traditional drones have their limitations and are not always easy to carry. Also, traditional drones require a separate controller and can be challenging to operate for an inexperienced user. A flying camera phone can change all that, making it easy to take stunning aerial photos and videos without lugging around a bulky drone. Capturing high-quality photos and videos from a unique angle would revolutionize the way we document our lives.

The Vivo flying camera phone can prove to be an excellent tool for vloggers and content creators as well. The device's small size and portability make it easy to carry around, and its ability to capture unique angles and perspectives is undoubtedly a game-changer in the world of content creation. With the Vivo flying camera phone, content creators can add a new dimension to their videos and create truly immersive content.

The flying camera phone concept is a perfect example of how innovative technology can change our lives. A flying drone camera phone has the potential for better image stabilization. With the camera flying around, stable shots could be taken even in situations where a traditional smartphone camera would have difficulty. This can be especially useful for action shots or vlogging. It's exciting to imagine what else is possible with smartphone technology. If Vivo were to launch a flying camera phone, it would be a major step forward in the evolution of mobile phones. The technology can also encourage other manufacturers to come up with their own unique solutions, which can lead to even more innovative products in the future.

Of course, there are some potential downsides to flying camera phones as well. One of the most significant concerns would be the safety of the camera during flight. The camera may collide with objects or people, causing injury. Vivo must develop robust security protocols to ensure that the camera is always under control and does not pose a threat to people or property.

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