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HMD's first own tablet - HMD T21

12. 05. 2024 Sunday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

HMD Global previously announced its first HMD-branded phones worldwide, which were the HMD Pulse, Pulse+ and Pulse Pro. It was known that the company is also making its own tablet, which will be called HMD T21 and it just happened to appear on the company's website.

The HMD T21 tablet is listed in the tablets category on the HMD website, but the product page is not yet visible. However, the list reveals the name of the device and some images. The images confirm that it is a rebranded version of the Nokia T21 tablet, so there is no question of interesting news.

The tablet has undergone some minor design changes. The color has changed from the charcoal gray of the Nokia tablet to the now darker black steel color. In the HMD T21 tablet, there is now a slight change in the flat camera area. The Nokia logo has also been replaced with a silver HMD logo. The front of the HMD T21 features a familiar display panel surrounded by flat black bezels. The tablet is designed for horizontal use, as the front-facing camera is centered on the top edge. For now, however, the listing does not reveal more images. Earlier leaks revealed that the tablet will also come in a new orange-apricot color variant, but the listing only reveals the black color.

It has already been revealed from the certification that the HMD tablet will see updated software, because HMD clearly does not want to bring the newer Android 13 version to the market with the latest Android 14 version. The Nokia T21 tablet has a 10.36-inch display panel and a low-cost T612 system chip developed by Unisoc. The tablet also has two 8-megapixel level cameras, an 8200 mAh battery and stereo speakers.

The retailer Möys recently announced details about the price of the tablet. The LTE version of the HMD T21 tablet with 6 + 128 gigabytes of memory costs 302.90 euros, and the version with 4 + 64 gigabytes costs 256.90 euros. The Wi-Fi version is listed with only 6 + 128 gigabytes of memory at a price of 228.90 euros. Prices are slightly higher than the corresponding Nokia T21 tablet, but there is probably a difference of a few tens of euros between the recommended prices. The official release of the HMD T21 is therefore very close. Expect HMD to quietly list it on the HMD website. In addition, the Nokia XR21 phone, also known as the HMD XR21, is expected to be rebranded at some point.

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