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HMD X2 and HMD X20 devices for Africa M-Kopa

01. 05. 2024 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

You may have read earlier that Nokia is making special phones for the African company, M-Kopa, which can be purchased by lovers of Nokia devices in African markets.

Now, he has once again partnered with HMD to launch his own phone. The M-Kopa X1 was the first, essentially a rebranded Nokia C32. Now HMD is planning to produce more phones for the M-Kopa brand, which will be named X2 and X20.

The new M-Kopa X2 and X20 are currently being tested. Both phones have appeared on Geekbench and will run Android 14. Interestingly, the X20 model bears no resemblance to the late Nokia X20. The rebranded phones for the African company are the Legend and Legend Pro, essentially the recently announced Pulse and Pulse Pro models. Of course, specifications or pricing are not yet available, but we hope to see photos of the devices mentioned above soon. A company that offers various restriction solutions in the African market, such as phone shopping for consumers who cannot use standard banking services. The product pages highlight the phone's combination of durability, excellent design and technology.

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