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HMD View Leaked Specs and Photo

05. 07. 2024 Friday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

O ver the past few weeks, @smashx_60 has leaked several specifications and photos, which revealed the pricing and sync collection of the hardware and other data of the new HMD phones, in which we will be able to buy them in the near future. Now here is a new phone, which is now called View and will be available in three colors Meteor Black, Ice and Velvet.

We don't know an announcement or release date at this moment, pricing or market availability - Europe, Asia... but we can't just hope that it will be available for purchase in our market or store in "our" region. Well, it is difficult to say how good, acceptable and usable this device of HMD Global will be, and therefore whether we will definitely want to buy it in the near future.

HMD View Specifications:

Name: HMD View
Display: OLED FHD+
Processor: SD6sGen3 SoC
Camera: 50MP OIS Main
Memory: 8GB RAM
Battery: 4,700mAh
Device Colors: Meteor Balck, Ice, Velvet

Unfortunately, I haven't read good feedback about the previously announced Pulse device family - more bad than good, let's hope that users will have a better opinion of the View phone and it will be one of our favorite HMD phones. It's true and I realize that the price of the phone is very good, but its equipment, camera... produced terrible user reviews during the past "roughly speaking" two months. It's better than nothing and better than a Nokia 3310 phone, but let's just call it a "tourist" phone that we can't use for much good. I like the device's OLED FHD+ display and the SD6sGen3 SoC processor, but unfortunately my opinion cannot be standardized and I can say that you will like it too.

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