HMD Global makes 5G available in India at all costs

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N okia-branded HMD Global is working to make 5G technology available in its portfolio worldwide and in India, using a partner-driven approach to make smartphones affordable, facilitating the transition from feature phones, a senior executive said.

Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global said: “One of our key areas is to put 5G deep in our portfolio. Last year, we launched six 5G devices in our portfolio, and we also launched two exclusive models with a U.S. service provider, both of which were targeted at better prices. This will allow us to expand further in 2022.”

Last year, HMD partnered with Reliance to provide support for four smartphone models. Seiche said the company "sees good momentum in this regard as well, with key operating partners like Jio encouraging the partnership."

“We see consumer finance becoming more and more important in different parts of the world to help customers move away from their services again,” he said, adding that financing options allow consumers to buy quality assets.

He added that HMD will focus on how to further deepen local sourcing, local production and sales and marketing partnerships. "The Indian market is very competitive, so we need to look at every aspect of the process to bring the best value to our customers."

The company has begun exporting its “Made in India” feature phone to the UAE and is also evaluating smartphone exports from India.

“We worked hard last year and started exporting from India. India is important today for our local manufacturing strategy, not only domestically but also for exports, ”said the senior manager.

The company is partnering with Lava International, Dixon and Rising Star to manufacture local phones and smartphones in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. Most HMD smartphones are manufactured by Lava and Dixon.

Seiche said the main growth came from smartphones - an annual growth of 40% in 2021 - which helped the company become profitable.

“This (smartphones) is a clear driving force and it is also true for India. In 2022, this will be the engine of growth for India. We could have done even more, but they are still tight in the supply chain, especially in the entry phase, but we expect to be on a strong growth trajectory this year.”

HMD is also focusing on the corporate market to sell phones shipped with the services. As a business, you build your services to take advantage of the business opportunity.

“This is one of the key drivers of growth as the company focuses on quality, security and scalability. There is a very rational decision-making process, so of course we are very strong, ”he said.

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