HMD Global is focused on bringing new products to India

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In 2022, HMD Global will focus on launching Nokia’s new products in India, which are not smartphones or phones, but audio accessories in the country that would serve as an ideal companion to Nokia phones.

Nokia already offers a number of audio accessories, although most of them are in-ear wireless headphones. True, Nokia phones have a 3.5mm headphone jack, yet the company may soon introduce a new wired headset in India.

Nokia also sees tablets as a growing market and will focus on having a presence there. Towards the end of 2021, technology companies are already working out a 2022 roadmap. While the new smartphones are obviously on offer from all smartphone manufacturers, smartphone accessories are also a huge attraction for many.

Sanmeet Singh Kochhar, vice president of HMD Global (India and MENA), shared the company’s plans for next year - Kochhar says Nokia will focus on bringing more audio accessories to India in 2022. This includes products such as TWS headphones, wired headphones, and more.

Sanmeet Singh Kochhar, vice president of HMD Global (India and MENA), said: “TWS headsets and wired headphones are currently big markets and we are focusing on them,” Kochhar said. He also mentioned that Nokia will be in different price ranges with different products within this segment. These products are sold through both online and offline channels."

“Depending on the price range, our audio offering will be available on both online and offline platforms,” Kochhar said. “It’s likely to have a 40-50 percent online presence, with the rest in the offline market,” he added. Kochhar also mentioned that Nokia’s huge retail network in the country is helping this offline sales.

“Audio accessories will be good companions for our phones, so we plan to double that,” he said.

So are we expecting a 3.5mm headphone jack in every future Nokia phone? Kocchar has not commented on this yet.

In addition to audio accessories, Kocchar also mentioned that Nokia will focus on bringing new tablets to India. The company ahead of Diwalit came up with the first Nokia T20 in the country.

Kocchar said the tablet is performing very well in the Indian market and Nokia will continue to focus on it and expand the segment in the coming days.

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