HMD Global is designating RTB Technology to enter the Thai market

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HMD Global owns the rights to distribute smartphones and accessories and is a worldwide distributor of the Nokia brand. The recently appointed RTB Technology is an importer, distributor and customer service of mobile phone accessories and official Nokia brand in Thailand.

Penetrate the gadget market in response to the trend of accessories in the wireless headset category, which grew by more than 33% last year and is expected to grow by more than 20% by 2022, in line with the trend of staying home. Consumer behavior in the digital age that demands greater flexibility and convenience in everyday life. Ready-to-use true wireless headphones Nokia NOKIA GO EARBUDS2 + and NOKIA GO EARBUDS2 Pro models, drives up to 10 mm.

Provides full sound with ENC to reduce ambient noise Connect to two devices at once with Google Fast Pair. Use it continuously for 7 hours at a starting price of just 1390 baht, targeting students, students or the working age group. Aiming to grow 20% this year, the HMD Global team in Thailand will focus primarily on the distribution and after-sales service of smartphones and Nokia mobile phones in Thailand.

Paradorn Rambutr, Head of Business Development at HMD Global Company Limited (HMD), said: "Today, consumer behavior is changing rapidly in line with values. Coping with the New Normal lifestyle in the digital age, which requires more flexibility and convenience. In particular, communication accessories such as "widgets", which have proven to be a popular and growing product over the past year."

While many brands are accelerating the development of usage patterns and expanding the needs of consumers with outstanding features. As a result, the gadget market is more competitive. In order for Nokia gadget brands to be well known and available to a wide range of consumers, HMD needs distributors with specialized expertise. Strategic Marketing Gadget Accessories Expand your market and reach new consumer groups for each product to retain your existing consumer base therefore, RTB Technology Company Limited or RTB Technology has been appointed as a distributor of Nokia brand gadgets and accessories. distribution channels that are believed to be able to promote Nokia branded gadgets and accessories can reach consumers. groups With comprehensive after-sales service, RTB Technology provides a professional service. and various interesting promotional activities in each period with the goal of increasing gadget sales in Thailand by 20% in 2022.

This time, RTB Technology has been appointed the official distributor of Nokia branded gadget accessories. As a result, HMD Global in Thailand will continue to focus on marketing Nokia branded mobile and smartphone products. together with mobile phone customer service and smartphones through Nokia Mobile Care Delivery to meet the needs of modern consumers Wherever you are, you can choose from services that can be easily repaired to suit your lifestyle. with free repair service! through EMS of more than 1,200 Thai post offices nationwide and through pick-up service for on-site repairs Full service in one place at NPK Call Center 02-005-0195.

Banpot Wattanasombat, managing director of RTB Technology Co., Ltd., said: "The gadget is a major importer and distributor of gadgets in Thailand. Today, RTB see the behavior and consumer demand trends in the new era that have changed in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis since last year. From the various measures that have led to the trend of the stay-at-home economy Many daily behaviors are increasingly being managed online."

Learning, meeting, socializing and working from home at home are all a means of communication. Real wireless headphones or TWSs play an important role in use. for greater mobility and convenience, in addition to the features you need, the gadget market is growing rapidly by up to 33% Design is also a popular trend in the wind. It can be said that wherever you go, you will only find people wearing wireless headphones. It is also expected to be at the wire popularity of external headphones is driving the Thai gadget market to grow by up to 20% this year.

To join forces with giant partners like HMD Global, this time to become a distributor of Nokia brand gadgets. This strengthens RTB Technology’s business expansion strategy to another level of growth. With confidence in the quality of Nokia brand gadgets and accessories that have DNA that stands out for durability. long-lasting at an affordable price to suit the lifestyle of modern consumers, it has recently launched the Nokia True Wireless Headset, the NOKIA GO EARBUDS2 + and NOKIA GO EARBUDS2 Pro, with a focus on students, students and the working age group. who want a reliable and functional headphone that is worth more than the price. It includes a number of usability features for learning, working and having fun. It is projected to grow by 20% in 2022.

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