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HMD Global introduced the Nokia T21 tablet on the Finnish market

22. 11. 2022 Tuesday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

T oday, HMD Global officially released the previously presented Nokia T21 tablet to the Finnish market. The aluminum-framed tablet serves as the successor to the Nokia T20 released by the manufacturer last year.

As is known from the manufacturer's latest phones, the body of the Nokia T21 has also invested in sustainable development, according to the manufacturer, and 60 percent of the plastic back of the tablet is made from recycled materials. The Nokia T21's 10.36-inch screen offers a resolution of 1200 x 2000 and supports WGP and AES 2.0 stylus.

The T21 differs from its predecessor in that the system chip has been changed from Unisoc T610 to Unisoc T612, and the RAM base memory has increased from three to four gigabytes. The processor side of the system chip and the 12 nanometer production technology are also familiar from its predecessor, but the graphics chip has been updated from the Mali-G52 of the predecessor model to the newer Mali-G57. The storage space of the device is 64 gigabytes in the Wi-Fi model, and 128 gigabytes in the model equipped with an LTE connection.

In the user experience of the tablet, the updated Widevine L1 support acts as a more significant innovation than the paper update, i.e. unlike its predecessor, the Nokia T21 supports high-definition video from streaming services. In addition, the tablet was introduced to make calls with versions that support 4G connections.

The Nokia T21 promises monthly security updates for three years, and the tablet is also certified Android Enterprise Recommended by Google. Two Android updates are promised for the tablet. The Nokia T21 went on sale in Finland on November 22. The recommended price of the 4 / 64 GB version equipped with Wi-Fi connection is 269 EUR (GBP 232, USD 319 and INR 26086) and the 4 / 128 GB version with support for 4G networks is 299 EUR (GBP 258, USD 307 and INR 25095 ) will be available for purchase.

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